March 17th, 2019

This Sunday is unlike any Sunday at G3 Church. For the first time in our G3 life, we unleash a vision that God has given us over the next five years.

Week 4 "Reborn" - 1 Peter 5
March 10th, 2019

In our final week of this Reborn series, our youth pastor, Chris McAuliffe, teaches from 1 Peter 5 about humility, and how true humility comes from being ourselves, being the men and women God created us to be with all of our gifts and skills and shortcomings. That's the person God wants to use to change the world. That's the person we become more of when we are "reborn" in Christ.

Week 3 "Reborn" - 1 Peter 3
March 3rd, 2019

This week Pastor Ron uses the illustration of putting on new clothes when we are reborn in Christ, and by doing this, we can be a blessing to others in the way we act and through the words we speak.

Week 2 "Reborn" - 1 Peter 2
February 24th, 2019

In this second Sunday of our Reborn series, we look at 1 Peter 2 and Peter's call for Jesus followers to submit. No longer are we to behave like our old selves, but when we are reborn, we submit to God's authority over our lives and change our behaviors.

Week 1 "Reborn" - 1 Peter 1
February 17th, 2019

This week we begin our new sermon series based on 1 Peter called "Reborn." Pastor Ron challenges us to remember the hope we have in Christ even though we may be persecuted as "aliens" in this world.

Rachel Langley
February 10th, 2019

This morning we welcome the Wesley worship band from Wake Forest University and our own G3er, Rachel Langley, who delivers a message about God's promises both in times of darkness and in times of joy.

Love even the difficult people
February 3rd, 2019

In this last sermon of our Everybody Always series, Pastor Ron challenges us to love the people in our lives who are difficult to love. Not only did Jesus have as many haters as He did followers, but He commanded us to love our enemies.

Don't play it safe
January 27th, 2019

This week Pastor Ron challenges us to be risk-takers. Instead of playing it safe and loving people who are easy to love, Jesus calls us to get our hands dirty, to meet people where they are, to embrace those on the margins.

Catch people on the bounce
January 20th, 2019

In this second Sunday of our Everybody Always series, we use the phrase "catch people on the bounce" as we discuss loving people in their most difficult times.

January 13th, 2019

Due to weather conditions, no service was held this week.

Love people where you are
January 6th, 2019

This week we begin our new series based on Bob Goff's book 'Everybody Always'. This first sermon challenges us to love people where we are, our very own neighbors who live around us.

Randy Blanchard - 2019
December 30th, 2018

This week we welcomed Randy Blanchard, our Church Vitality Strategist, as guest preacher to inspire and encourage us as we enter 2019.

December 23rd, 2018

As we close this series about gifts that don't break, we focus our attention on the reason for the season - the birth of the Messiah, the Christ, the Savior of the world.

December 16th, 2018

This week Pastor Ron shares from the prophet Isaiah - the joy he prophesied about for his own time period and the joy he prophesied about hundreds of years later in the birth of Jesus, the Messiah.

December 9th, 2018

Due to weather conditions, no service was held this week.

December 2nd, 2018

In this first Sunday of Advent, we look at the hope we have in Jesus Christ - the restoration that will come, the new life that will come when He returns.

November 25th, 2018

This week Chris shares the story of Mary and Martha and how we should follow Mary's example of a contemplative life.

Thanksgiving Sermon
November 18th, 2018

This week we focus on giving thanks and ridding from our lives an attitude of entitlement and the culture of complaint.

November 11th, 2018

This week Pastor Ron discusses the controversial topic of hell. If Jesus taught us about love and justice and compassion and we adhere to those teachings, should we not also believe in a hell since Jesus also warned about eternal separation from God?

November 4th, 2018

Have you ever wondered why God allows suffering? Today Pastor Ron discusses how sometimes God uses suffering to show His glory, but that there are also pains in this world we will just never understand.

Reason for God (Week 2) - Absolute Truth vs. Subjective Truth
October 28th, 2018

Ron discusses the difference between absolute and subjective truth and relates it to how we share our Christian faith with others.

Reason for God (Week 1) - Science vs. Faith
October 21st, 2018

In our first Sunday of this new series, Pastor Ron discusses how science and faith are not opposing forces, and not only can they co-exist, but they can cooperate with each other as they seek to answer totally different questions.

October 7th, 2018

In this last week of our series, Pastor Ron discusses FOMO. It's not just a slang term used by teenagers, but it's a very real struggle that can be toxic to our faith journey. Through daily pauses of thanksgiving, we can combat FOMO and remember all that God has done for us and all that God has given to us.

Worry and anxiety
September 30th, 2018

This week Pastor Ron discusses Psalm 46 in relation to worry and anxiety. Letting go and letting God isn't easy, but it is necessary if we are to be able to live lives of peace and comfort. Deep breathing exercises and breath prayers can help us in moments of anxiety - turn TO God and not AWAY from Him when we feel fearful.

Crime and terrorism
September 23rd, 2018

This week Pastor Ron discusses our general fear of crime, terrorism, and violence in the United States. We spend so much money and energy trying to protect ourselves that we end up convincing ourselves that something bad is going to happen to us.

September 16th, 2018

Due to weather conditions, no service was held this week.

Scared to Death
September 9th, 2018

This Sunday we begin our series based on Adam Hamilton's book Unafraid. Pastor Ron shares about his own battles with fear, and how with God's help, our giants can become grasshoppers.

We all have felt far from God
September 2nd, 2018

This Sunday our youth pastor, Chris McAuliffe, shares about how we all have felt far from God. Even Jesus on the cross cried out to God in anguish over feeling abandoned.

Mission (not) Impossible - Part 2
August 26th, 2018

Today we continue our two-part series about our mission at G3 Church - to help those who feel far from God come home.

Mission (not) Impossible - Part 1
August 19th, 2018

This week we start a two-part series about our mission at G3 Church - to help those who feel far from God come home. Pastor Ron discusses a story in Mark about a demon-possessed man who must have felt far from God, far from God's people, and far from life itself.

Discerning Gods Will
August 12th, 2018

Have you ever wondered what God's will is? Have you ever faced an important decision and longed to know what God would want you to do? Decisions can be difficult sometimes, but God has given us tools to help us know and live out His will for our lives.

The Character of Judas - Week 4
August 5th, 2018

On this last Sunday of our series, we look at the "villain" of the New Testament - Judas. Although he is loathed by so many, we are more like him than we want to admit. Are we fans or followers of Jesus?

The Character of Priscilla and Aquila - Week 3
July 29th, 2018

This week we take a look at Priscilla and Aquila, a couple mentioned only 6 times in the entire New Testament. Although we don't know a lot about them, there is one important quality that they exhibit that we should all seek to emulate: a mission mindset. Only when we adopt this mindset can we help bring about God's Kingdom here as it is in heaven.

The Character of Paul - Week 2
July 22nd, 2018

In this second sermon of this series, we look at the character of Paul - his story of origin, his superpower, his weakness, and his defining moment. Even though Paul was human and made plenty of mistakes, God chose to use Him to spread about the Gospel.

The Character of Peter - Week 1
July 15th, 2018

As we begin our new sermon series, we take a look at the character of Peter. Though his words certainly were louder than his actions at times, his great faith was also what caused Jesus to change his name to "Rock" and use him to build the Church.

July 8th, 2018

No sermon was recorded this week.

The life of David
July 1st, 2018

This Sunday we look at the life of David - the highs and the lows - and how even as an adulterer and a murderer, God still called him a man after His heart.


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