Online Devotions & Resources

At G3 Church, our Growth Groups only meet once a week, and some of us may not be able to attend a Growth Group due to work, travel, or other obligations. So to provide additional “grow” opportunities, we have listed below several resources for daily devotions. In order to know God and follow His will for our lives, we must know Scripture. We hope these resources will help deepen your journey of faith.

365-Day Reading Plan
Devotions for Women
Devotions for Men
Devotions for Couples
Devotions for Anyone
Devotions for Teenagers

If you’re interested in a specific kind of study not listed above, please contact Pastor Ron


Bible Gateway

Great site for daily readings, free commentaries, multiple translations, etc, and a great free smart phone app

Very similar to Bible Gateway, including a great free smart phone app

Interesting blog that not only addresses the issue of whether or not Jesus was married but addresses the question of the non-canonical gospels

Great blog by a noted New Testament scholar (also Pastor Ron’s professor in seminary) that addresses questions on biblical translations and such

Still have questions on the compilation of the Biblical books and how the Bible was “canonized?” This is a fairly short and easy-to-read explanation of how we have the current books in our Bible.

Explanation about the Apocrypha, including history and why it was not included in the Scriptures

A short article from an interesting Christian magazine; a different approach to address habitual sins

Great article on how Jews understand and celebrate the Sabbath

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