What to Expect

Looking for a church to call ‘home’ can be difficult, so we want to make it easy for you to discern whether G3 might be a good fit for you. We tried to anticipate some of the questions you might have, but if you’re still wondering about something, don’t hesitate to ask us by contacting us!
What should I wear to worship service on Sunday?
People tend to dress casual at G3 (jeans are okay). We care about you – not what you wear.

How often does the church celebrate Communion?
We don’t have a set pattern but tend to celebrate it at least every 4-6 weeks.

What is your policy on children in worship?
Your children are welcome to worship with you in our adult worship service. We have an active children’s ministry on Sunday mornings consisting of our Buds (nursery), Sprouts, too! (preschool), and Sprouts (elementary) ministries. Children participating in Sprouts,too! and Sprouts will join everyone in the worship service for the musical portion and exit right before the sermon. You can find more information about children’s worship and the nursery under our “Gather” tab.

Does G3 offer Sunday School classes?
We do not offer Sunday School; however, we do offer Growth Groups. Growth Groups are small groups of 8 -12 people who gather weekly to grow spiritually by digging deeper into God’s answers for life’s most challenging questions. Their main purpose is for people to connect with God and with others. Growth Groups meet in homes all over the community on different days of the week and at different times. See the Growth Groups page to see our current offerings.

What type of music do you have during worship?
We offer contemporary Christian praise and worship music with a live band. You can read more about our theology of worship under our “Gather” tab.

How do I learn more about the church, growth groups, service opportunities, etc?
Visit our "Next Steps" table located near the coffee after the worship service, or click here

How will I know where to go?
From the moment you arrive in the parking lot, a friendly face will be there to greet you and point you in the right direction. Please make sure to stop by our free coffee and sweet “cafe” before or after worship. We would love to say hello and get to know you better.

What denomination are you?
We are a part of the United Methodist Church. More information on our beliefs can be found on our Beliefs page.