Our Vision

By 2024 Our Church will:

‣ Double our attendance as we engage 250 people each weekend in a vibrant, energetic, gospel-centered worship experience. People’s lives will be turned upside-down by the power of God’s love and God’s people. Our congregation will be diversified with people of all backgrounds. We will baptize people every other month and become known as a “home to come home to.” We will take risks to reach the unchurched.

‣ Have a children’s ministry that will be full of life and energy. We will see 70 kids worshipping, having fun and learning in irresistible environments. Our teaching teams and ministries will “wow” every parent! Children will invite their friends and we will impact schools!

‣ Have an intentional discipleship path. As result, people will grow in their faith and their commitment to serve and be generous. We will see 75% of adults and students in growth groups.

‣ Be intentional in developing leaders and equipping leaders to support our vision.

‣ Acquire leased space as our generosity grows as a church family, so we can increase our ministry capacity throughout the week!